– As a place to rest and unwind, the comfort of the bedroom must be considered. A comfortable bedroom will help you make yourself fresh again. In creating a comfortable bedroom, of course, you have to make the bedroom look pretty.

Applying a minimalist concept to the bedroom is indeed the right idea to make this roar comfortable. The minimalist concept will provide more free space in the bedroom so that you can move freely and the bedroom will feel bigger.

However, some mistakes have been made by people in applying the minimalist concept to their bedrooms. Applying a minimalist concept does not mean not using any decorations. This annoyance will certainly cause the bedroom to be uncomfortable and also unattractive.

And, in this article, we will help you by providing some tips on How to Make The Minimalist Bedroom Feel Comfortable and Look Pretty. So, let’s check it out!

Make The Bedroom Look Bright By Using White As A Base Color of The Room

The first tip in decorating the bedroom si to determine the appearance of the bedroom that you want. To make the bedroom feel comfortable and look pretty, you could make the appearance of the bedroom look bright. So, you can use white as a base color for the bedroom.

The wall has a big effect on the appearance of the room itself. So that applying white to the bedroom is the best way you can follow. In addition, you could apply white to the bed in the bedroom. As the main item, the bed also has control over the look of the bedroom. So, by applying white to the wall and the bed, white will look dominant so that the bedroom will look bright.

Makes Natural Lighting As The Main Bedroom Lighting

In creating a comfortable and pretty bedroom, you have to choose the right lighting. Makes natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting is the second tip that you can apply to your bedroom.

There are so many advantages that you can get by making natural lighting as the main bedroom lighting:

  1. Make the bedroom feel more alive
  2. Make the bedroom feel more spacious
  3. The bedroom will feel more comfortable
  4. The bedroom will look bright
  5. The nuances of the bedroom will feel fresh
  6. Can boost your mood
  7. Make you feel more relax
bright minimalist bedroom
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So that natural lighting can enter the bedroom optimally, use a window with large size. There are two types of window that you can use to maximizing the natural lighting:

  • Ceiling to Floor Window

ceiling to the floor window
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The first type of window that you can use to make the bedroom look bright is the ceiling to floor window. Try to place the window in a spot that is exposed to the sun so that the sun can go directly into the bedroom through the window.

  • Skylight Window

skylihgt window minimalist bedroom
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The next window type you can use to make the bedroom look bright with natural lighting is the skylight window. This is the right window that you can use to maximizing natural lighting.

For those of you who have the attic bedroom, the skylight window is the right window to use. By using the window, the beautiful sky also will be seen from the bedroom and it also makes the bedroom look pretty. The beautiful blue sky also can make you feel relax and comfortable.

Use Earth-tone Colors to Make The Bedroom Look Soft

To make a minimalist bedroom look beautiful, white is not the only color that can be used. In fact, applying white to the entire room and not giving the bedroom another color will actually make the bedroom look stiff and unattractive. As a result, the bedroom will be uncomfortable.

soft minimalist bedrook look
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So, to make the minimalist bedroom look pretty and comfortable, you can use earth-tone colors. By using this color, the natural nuances will present in the bedroom. And here are the earth-tone colors you can use for a minimalist bedroom to make it feel comfortable and look pretty:

  • Beige

fresh and soft minimalist bedroom
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Beige is a soft color that you can apply to a minimalist bedroom. The combination of white and beige will make the appearance of the bedroom look so soft. The soothing and soft appearance will make the minimalist bedroom becomes cozy.

  • Brown

beautiful minimalist bedroom
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To give a little dark color, brown is the color that you can use for your minimalist bedroom. The application of brown to several bedroom spots will make the bedroom feel so calming. The appearance of the bedroom will also look more attractive and less rigid.

  • Grey

cozy minimalist bedroom

To give a slightly cool and mature look, gray is the right color to be used for the minimalist bedroom. Use gray color on bedroom items made of fabric, such as carpet, bedsheet, and so on.

Give Plants As Decoration for The Minimalist Bedroom

The room will feel comfortable if the room feels fresh. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many people use plants as bedroom decorations. Besides that, plants are also the easiest item to find.

For those of you who want to give plants as decoration for your minimalist bedroom, try to choose the plant that good for the air in the bedroom. Some plants can absorb harmful substances in the bedroom air so that the bedroom will be a healthy and fresh room.

fresh minimalist bedroom
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Before you use the plants as bedroom decoration, you have to decide the spot that you want to give the plants first. Try to choose the spot that exposed to the sunlight. It is because the plant needs the sunlight to grow up.

In addition, try to choose the plant that easy to care for so that you do not have to bother yourself in caring for the plant you used.

Mirror To Make The Minimalist Bedroom Look Pretty

To create a comfortable minimalist bedroom, of course you can’t use careless decorations. To create more free space in the bedroom, use items that are multifunctional, such as mirrors.

In the bedroom, the mirror is certainly an item that must be in this room. Besides helping you with your make-up, you can also make mirrors as items to decorate the room to look pretty.

mirror for minimalist
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Currently, there are so many shapes of mirror. But, to make the minimalist bedroom look pretty, try to choose the full-length mirror. You can place it in the corner of the room or on the spot that exposed to sunlight. It is a great way to make the minimalist bedroom look bright. In addition, the use of full-length mirror also will make the bedroom feel more spacious.

You can hang the full-length mirror on the wall you want to decorate. Or if you want a more simple and attractive appearance, you can put a mirror on the floor and lean it against the bedroom wall.


Decorating a minimalist bedroom does look easy, because we only use a few items to decorate the bedroom. However, decorating a minimalist bedroom requires more knowledge. Because, the wrong decoration for minimalist bedroom can make the bedroom look unattractive and uncomfortable. And in this article, we have provided the best and easy tips about How to Make The Minimalist Bedroom Feel Comfortable and Look Pretty. So, let’s follow the point above and then create the comfortable and pretty minimalist bedroom at your home. Happy trying all!


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